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Club 500 Micro Magic



1) Race duration will be 2, 3 or 4 laps dependent on the strength of the wind. This will be decided on the day by those sailing.  Start times of each of two heats will prompt  at 10.15 am and 11.15 am. There will be no delays, if boats are not on the water, they will be disqualified from racing    

2) The course will start into the windward direction round a course marked by buoys, starting from the start and finishing line to be determined by the race controller.

3) No maximum number of boats per heat.  

4) 2 heats on each race day will be held with both competitors’ scores counting towards their positioning in the championship. Points will be awarded as follows in according to the laps completed and position on crossing the finish line 1st place 6 points, 2nd place 5 points, 3rd place 4 points, 4th place 3 points, fifth place 2 points and all others will receive 1 point for starting the race .                                                                                                  

5) If there are less than 4 boats the race will NOT take place and therefore will not count towards the final scores at the end of the season                                                                       

6). The race will commence on the start line and then into the windward direction. Members will be advised when they have completed the required laps                                                     

7) Yachts will line up in any order at the start of the race.                                                        

8) If a yacht stops on the water due to having problems the driver must shout “DEAD BOAT” followed by its position   (e.g. on the start line, close to top buoy, etc.).                       

9) Boats must pass between the finish line marker buoys at the end of the race, but it is NOT necessary during the race                                                                    

10) In any dispute, the Race Controllers decision is final.

Will all competitors please take note that it is now
MANDATORY for all boats entered into any racing competition, be it Yacht, Micro Magic or Club 500, to carry a specific Racing Number for identification purposes. These numbers must be the same on all Yacht, Micro Magic or Club 500.

Amended 10th February 2016