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1. The membership year is from January 1st through to December 31st. Suscriptions are due on January 1st of each year and must be paid up by the end of February the same year. Any member who has not paid will not be allowed to enjoy the clubs facilities and will be charged the re-joining fee applicable at that time.

2. Where relevant all Radios must be turned on only when you have obtained the appropriate “Club Frequency Peg” from the board. The Club Peg should be replaced with a plain Peg with your name written on it to assist other members. The Peg should be returned when you are not sailing your model.

3. If the Peg is in use, then the waiting member should advise the “Peg Holder” that he is waiting to sail. At this time the “Peg Holder” should vacate the Peg after a period of 20 minutes and pass it on to the waiting member. It is up to the waiting member to make the request.

4. In the event of a Pegboard not being present at the lakeside, members must check frequencies with members already sailing before switching on his or her transmitter.


5. Foul language at the lakeside or at any Club Event will not be allowed or tolerated.

6. Respect of wildlife and the lakeside environment is to be observed at all times, DO NOT chase any water fowl with your models.

7. Squirting water at Club Members and members of the general public with models fitted with fire monitors or such devices is not permitted.

8. Larger and faster models that create a large wash must slow down when near smaller lighter craft. As a guide the models with a large wash please sail to the right hand side of the lake and lighter models sail to the left.

9. Power gives way to sail, however yachtsmen must not abuse this.

10. Models using steam power must have a valid boiler test certificate and the member must prepared to produce this when requested by any committee member.

11. DO NOT drop any litter or leave any rubbish behind that is of your own making.

12. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times by their parent or guardian.

13. Children under the age of 10 are not allowed to sail a boat without their parent or guardian supervising at all times.

14. Children under the age of 10 must not place or attempt to remove a boat from the water, the childs parent or guardian must do this.

15. Instructions and direction from the Park Wardens must be adhered to at all times.

16. Any person requiring to place a notice on the Club Notice Board at Highfields must obtain permission from the Highfields Commodore.


1. During the summer, when sailing is moved to the landing stage at the Beeston end of the lake, members will be allowed to bring their vehicles into the park. The dates when the move takes place and when any vehicles are allowed in will be advised by the Highfields Commodore.

       Vehicles are to give way to all pedestrians and cyclists at all times.

       Driving is restricted to the hardcore roads until reaching the designated parking place, as damage to the        grassed areas is to be avoided where at all possible.

       Maximum Speed limit within the park is 10mph.

       Cars are to be parked facing the water and must display a valid Club Badge at all times.

2. Boats with I/C engines are NOT permitted.

3. The steps used during the winter months are for launching and retrieving boats, there is to be no standing on the steps* whilst sailing.

4. Children under 10 must not stand on the steps* at any time.

5. It is expressly forbidden for any member to enter the lake for any reason.  Any member who elects

     to enter the lake does so at their own risk.

( * during summer sailing at the Beeston end, change “steps” for “landing stage” )


1. I/C boats must have an efficient silencer fitted to a maximum level of 80 decibels.

2. Sailing times are unrestricted, however with I/C boats please sail during respectable hours which means there are to be no I/C boats sailed before 09.00am.

3. Park Rules are to be observed at all times.

4. Recovery boat will be controlled by committee members

5. Key holders to the boat storage will be committee only

6. 2 persons to be present at time of use with 1 on shore for emergency calls

7. All persons in the boat must wear a life vest

8. No person under the age of 16 in the boat

9. It is expressly forbidden for any member to enter the lake for any reason.  Any member who elects

     to enter the lake does so at their own risk.

 REGULATIONS (Legal requirements)

  1. Strictly, only 27 & 40 MHz & 2.4 GHz. radio control sets are allowed

2. An appropriate frequency flag must be flown on the transmitter aerial. These are coloured for the 27 MHz, and green with the frequency number in white letters for the 40 MHz.

Agreed & approved by the members at the AGM dated 7/12/03

Modified to show the change in membership year 14/1/ 2009

Modified to show inclusion of “parent & guardian” & year change 12/12/10

Modified to show inclusion of “members entering water at lake side & year change 21/3/2015

Modified to include Colwick Rescue boat use 15/02/2019

Anyone wishing to seek clarification on any of these rules and regulations should ideally contact the Club Secretary by email or, alternatively talk to him at one of the many weekly sailing events held at either Highfields Park Lake or at Colwick Water Park in Nottingham.