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No. 01 - Steve Upton             

No. 02 - Martin Cusick      

No. 03 - Chris Knight

No. 04 - David Leach          

No. 05 - David Leach                 

No. 06 - Dick Habgood              

No. 07 - Roger Hopkins             

No. 11 - Alan Nicholson           

No. 14 - Sue Wright          

No. 19 - Steve Combrinck    

No. 21 - Alan Horne

N0. 22 - Matt Lee          








No. 23 - Steve Whitehead

No. 30 - George Hayes        

No. 33 - Ian Hitchen

No. 38 - John Parker

N0. 46 - John Renshaw

No. 58 - Trevor Thomas    

No. 64 - Chris Starr       

No. 69 - Alan Knight

No. 70 - Jeff Bowering

No. 88 - Terry Thorpe


Members wishing to participate in any form of competition racing held within the club are required to display a valid Racing Number on all models being used. The list below has been compiled to help you see the allocation of a particular number given to a particular modeller, a number that stays with them for their club life and is consistently used throughout all of the clubs many competitions.

The method of displaying your number on your boat differs between model types, for example on a Micro Magic Yacht the number has to be display on either side of the sail in a position of around two thirds up from the bottom edge of the sail, whereas on a Club 500 Racer the number must be displayed on the side panel of the upper superstructure or cabin top on the right hand side of the boat (when the boat is viewed from the stern) It goes without saying that the number should be clearly visible, so black numbers on a white background are preferable here. The following list has details of all the numbers issued to Club Members both past and present so you can see at a glance who is running what number.

The current ruling is to have the same number applied to all of the models a member is to be using in all competition types so as to provide overall continuity and ease of scoring for club officials.

Any new members to the club wishing to take up an unallocated racing number from this list should contact the Club Secretary Alan Knight or the Chief Scorer (Sue Wright), either of whom can usually be contacted at the lakeside on a Sunday morning.

ALLOCATION OF CLUB RACING NUMBERS. See below for allocated numbers